Did you know that with minimally invasive porcelain veneers restoration you can transform your smile? For details contact your local Aventura Dental Group dentist.

Before and after images of a completed full mouth restoration done by Dr. Jessica Cismas at Aventura Dental Group, your friendly local Aventura cosmetic dentist.

Local Aventura Dental Group dental practice does it again. This is a before and after image of a full mouth rehabilitation completed with porcelain veneers, dental crowns. The result is a beautiful form and function smile. Before and after images of another beatiful cosmetic reconstruction completed by Dr. Jessica Cismas. The patient opetd for porcelain veneers which bring back her original smile. DM us your smile goals today. For the month of September, Aventura Dental Group and Dr. Jessica Cismas presents the latest aesthetic full mouth restoration done beautifully by our master ceramists. Dr. Jessica Cismas utilized the latest cutting edge technology and materials to obtain a gorgeous long lasting natural looking smile. The patient was blown away by the final result. He is part of the bigger Aventura Dental Group family, where almost all of our patients stay patients for life at our practice. Your smile can be changed too, by DM-ing us @aventuradentalgroup or by calling us at 305-935-4030. We are your local cosmetic dentist located in Aventura since 1985. Come check us out and experience the difference in quality for yourself.

Improve your smile instantly with a little cosmetic shaving and bonding done right by Dr. Jessica Cismas. At our award winning dental practice we can create any custom smile you dream of. DM us for details. Aventura Dental Group specializes in full mouth aesthetic dental treatments including porcelain veneers, implants and many more. DM us for a cosmetic consultation.

Aventura Dental Group is proud of another succesful full mouth restoration treatment. The patient came in and always wanted to see her upper teeth when smiling. We made that happen by raising her bite and give her the natural smile she wanted for a long time. The patient was very happy with the results. For a virtual aesthetic and cosmetic consultation with one of our award winning doctors DM us @aventuradentalgroup or call us at 305-935-4030. Come and experience the difference in quality. We proudly serve the Aventura community since 1985. We are your local cosmetic dentist in Aventura, Florida.

Same day emergency treatment done in the same day by Dr. Jessica Cismas at Aventura Dental Group. The patient came in with a broken tooth and had it back in under one hour!

Porcelain veneers for this gentleman , makes all the difference. Dr. Jessica Cismas managed to create a unique look with natural looking porcelain veneers. For a limited time she offers complimentary consultations. Dr. Jessica Cismas outdid herself again with another full mouth porcelain veneer case. She created a long lasting beautiful smile for this patient who absolutely loved the way her teeth look now. For a limited time Dr. Jessica Cismas will provide cosmetic consultations to the first 50 patients.

Dr. Jessica Cismas from Aventura Dental Group just completed another full mouth porcelain veneer case sucessfully. At Aventura Dental Group we pride ourselves with building amazing long lasting smiles for lifetime. If you need a second opinion consultation please DM us @aventuradentalgroup on Instagram.

Holistic Amalgam Teeth Filling Removal and minimally invasive dental prep for onlay, only at Aventura Dental Group located at 20475 Biscayne Blvd., Aventura FL 33180.

Same day emergencies can be very stressful. Dr. Jessica Cismas from Aventura Dental Group made this temporary veneer that will last for a very long time. We specialize in porcelain veneers, same day temporary veneers, cosmetic veneers and many more cosmetic procedures at our Aventura dental practice.

Before and after images of an cosmetic dental onlay completed by Dr. Jessica Cismas at Aventura Dental Group. If you have a big filling that needs to be repaired, sometimes it can be rectified by placing an onlay over the tooth preserving most of the tooth. If you have any questions in regards to onlays in Aventura or onlays in Miami or onlay price, please contact our office.

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Before and After Dental Photos - Smile Makeovers Aventura Dental Group

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