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How is life expectancy linked to your number of teeth?

Recent research shows that the number of teeth you keep as you get older can corelate with how long you will live. The research shows a close relation between "stress" during a person's life ( economic, social, financial) to tooth loss. People, who by the age 65 loose five or more teeth are more prone to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis which can drastically limit life expectancy.

According to the Oral Health Foundation this can be caused by trauma, poor oral health routine or smoking. Heart disease and diabetes is closely linked to gum disease. The Oral Health Foundation is strongly encouraging people to visit their dentist regularly to check for any signs of trouble that can lead to tooth loss. According to the same foundation, people who by the age of 74 have a full set of teeth, are more likely to reach the age of 100.

It is strongly advised to visit your local cosmetic dental office and get your annual oral health checkup in order to maintain your oral health.