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One of the top Instagram Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentist in Florida, Dr. Jessica Cismas pictured with patient of the day at Aventura Dental Group your one stop for all of cosmetic and and restorative dental treatments.

Thank you livn_lavidalola for your cool post of Dr. Jessica Cismas on Instagram. At Aventura Dental Group we like to interact and communicate on all the available social media platforms such as Instagram @aventuradentalgroup, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok and many more. You can check our latest feed on the main home page and then click the social media button to access our feed. Aventura Dental Group is proud to serve the Aventura and Miami area since 1985, always staying ahead of the competition by implementing the latest dental technology and pairing it with thousands of continuing education hours know how.

Award Winning Local Aesthetic Dentist in Aventura and Miami, Dr. Jessica Cismas of Aventura Dental Group provides top quality cosmetic and full mouth rehabilitation services in a warm spa like dental practice. With her extensive knowledge and with the help of an amazing team they can tackle any kind of aesthetic dental case. For bookings DM us @aventuradentalgroup or call 305-935-4030.

Check out our social media feed on the following platforms to be current with the latest news and events that take place at Aventura Dental Group. Dr Jessica Cismas and Dr. Harvey S Rosa have a tremenduos amount of knowledge in sucesfully treating complex full mouth rehabilitations, Porcelain Veneers, Dental Implants, Dental Crowns, Onlays and Inlays and many more. CALL us NOW with any questions at 305-935-4030. NOW accepting new patients!

Florida NBA cosmetic and celebrity dentist in Aventura and Miami, Dr. Jessica Cismas is posing with her patient of the day. For all Basketball players and NBA players who are in need of top quality cosmetic dentistry please feel free to DM us @aventuradentalgroup on Instagram.

Dr. Jessica Cismas is known for treating cosmetic dental procedures for NBA players and basketball players. She is pictured in the above image with the NBA patient of the day. If you require any local cosmetic dental procedures in Aventura or Miami please feel free to DM us @aventuradentalgroup. Additionally please check our Instagram social media account for the latest events and contests.

Amalgam Teeth Fillings Removal done by Dr. Jessica Cismas at Aventura Dental Group. For the most cutting edge technology and latest know how in holistic and minimally invasive dentistry please check our instagram profile out.Teeth with large silver fillings sometimes expand and put extra forces on certain areas of a tooth. These forces put the teeth at a high risk for fracture. Here is an example of a tooth with an obvious fracture line across one of the outer cusp. The treatment of choice for this tooth is an onlay. An onlay is a porcelain restoration that includes one or more cusps of a tooth.  This treatment is a much less invasive than a traditional crown preparation. In the series of pictures below, you can see:

  1. The initial tooth presentation
  2. The tooth after the amalgam was removed and evidence of a continual fracture line.
  3. The minimally invasive preparation that includes the outer cusp, and keeps the majority of the tooth untouched, (as opposed to a traditional crown)
  4. The day of insertion of the onlay.

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