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Amalgam Teeth Fillings Removal and Replacement with Onlay!

Amalgam Teeth Fillings Removal done by Dr. Jessica Cismas at Aventura Dental Group. For the most cutting edge technology and latest know how in holistic and minimally invasive dentistry please check our instagram profile out.Teeth with large silver fillings sometimes expand and put extra forces on certain areas of a tooth. These forces put the teeth at a high risk for fracture. Here is an example of a tooth with an obvious fracture line across one of the outer cusp. The treatment of choice for this tooth is an onlay. An onlay is a porcelain restoration that includes one or more cusps of a tooth.  This treatment is a much less invasive than a traditional crown preparation. In the series of pictures below, you can see:

  1. The initial tooth presentation
  2. The tooth after the amalgam was removed and evidence of a continual fracture line.
  3. The minimally invasive preparation that includes the outer cusp, and keeps the majority of the tooth untouched, (as opposed to a traditional crown)
  4. The day of insertion of the onlay.